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TRAINING - Module 1


“Basic communication tools”

Duration: 2 days


Introduction to interpersonal communication. Transmission of basic elements allowing the trainee to understand the various communication processes, to identify risks of breakdown and how to react. Use of simple and efficient tools to anticipate conflicts, defuse them or deal with them if necessary.

Summary of content:

  1. Get to know the essential elements of communication.

  2. How does communication work and what filters can make it difficult ?

  3. Anticipate emerging conflicts and deal with them as they grow.

  4. Communicate with empathy with using Active Listening tools.

  5. Meta communication (cf: Bono’s 6 hats technique).

  6. Understand and identify a double bind.

  7. Know how to differentiate between Role and Subject.

  8. Learn to deal with a conflict: how to formulate a criticism in a constructive way ?

  9. When every hope has gone... How to implement a mediation process ?

  10. Diagnosis tools.

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 with the detailed content of this module and its components



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