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TRAINING - Module 4


“Leadership and Management”

Duration: 2 days


Introduction to the basics of efficient management: how to run your team members, help them set clear and achievable objectives, motivate them, appraise their performance. Grow from being an efficient manager to becoming an inspiring leader !

Summary of content:

  1. Traditional management cycles.

  2. Keeping your personal style but using the adequate management mode.

  3. What are each individual’s motivating factors ? How to stimulate them ?

  4. Learn how to set realistic and measurable objectives.

  5. Performance appraisal. Help others to improve themselves.

  6. Manager Vs. Leader.

  7. Coach, Mentor or Advisor. What is my role ?

On a simple request on your part, we will send you a proposal
 with the detailed content of this module and its components



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