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Many people who claim to be “Coaches” today have no serious training and are sometimes mere witch doctors, pseudo-psy or even... real “Gurus” ! Therefore potentially dangerous individuals who should better be avoided. This fast growing activity is unfortunately suffering by a fashion trend.

The customer is entitled to a top quality and professional service and MUST press for certain garanties before commiting him/ herself.

Our professional background, the certified and approved training which we pride ourself of having received as well as regular supervision of our activities, are the garanties of the quality and reliability of services offered by FOCUS EVOLUTION. We base our interventions on simple and clear values and principles:

Confidentiality ➜ The coach commits himself to the most absolute professional confidentiality.

Respect of human beings ➜ Conscious of his position, the coach fully respects his client’s integrity, free from any abuse or influence.

Responsability of decision making ➜ The coaching process aims at the professional and personal development of the client, based on the principles of confidence and responsability. The coach therefore leaves the decision making process exclusively to his client in order to help him develop his autonomy.

Garanty of the process ➜ The coach is the garantor of the coaching process. He therefore aims at helping his client reach his own objectives by himself.

Established supervision ➜ Professional coaching requires regular supervision. The coach is expected to ask for it whenever the situation calls for it. This is an added garanty of a rigorous and serious activity.

In addition to the above declared principles and values, we endeavour to abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) of which we are a member.

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